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  • We are currently not accepting walk-ins and all tattoo sessions and consultations are by appointment only.Please contact us for scheduling.

  • Please reschedule your appointment if you are feeling ill or have any of the following symptoms: fever; cough; shortness of breath; sore throat; nausea; vomiting; diarrhea; tiredness; chills; headaches; muscle or body aches; confusion; or loss of taste and/or smell.

  • We can no longer accommodate guests of our clients.Unless you have a medical necessity to have a caretaker with you, please arrive to your appointment alone.

  • Please arrive to your appointment no more than 5 minutes early.  While we normally encourage clients to arrive 15 minutes early to their appointments to accommodate for the time it takes to fill out paperwork, our lobby is currently closed to the public.  If you arrive more than 5 minutes early, please be aware that you may be asked to wait outside until we are ready for you.

  • Please keep in mind that while we do still accept cash, we currently prefer contactless forms of payment.We currently accept credit/debit card, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and Venmo.As always, we do not accept personal checks.

  • A mask or face covering is required for entry. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Your temperature will be taken at the door.  If your temperature exceeds 99.4 degrees Fahrenheit, your appointment will need to be rescheduled.

  • You will be provided with hand sanitizer upon arrival.

  • In addition to our standard release form you will be asked to fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire.

  • Masks must be worn for the duration of your visit.  If you would like a break to go outside and get some fresh air please let your artist know and we will be happy to accommodate.

  • All staff members at The Vale must take and record their temperature upon entry into the shop.

  • We have included additional PPE for our artists to use during your appointment.All artists will be wearing disposable single use aprons, and disposable single use surgical masks that are changed for each client.

  • In each procedure area, we have implemented UV-C germicidal lights in the entryways to inactivate viruses that pass under them. Additionally, each procedure area has an air purifier with a HEPA filter and an additional integrated UV-C germicidal light.

  • We will also be keeping all windows open (as appropriate) to encourage airflow from the outside.

  • All common surfaces such as doorknobs, clipboards, pens, etc will be disinfected at regular intervals or after use.

Aftercare: FAQ
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